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Who We Are

Aircraft Technicians

Our select pool of candidates are handpicked to ensure that their background meets the highest level of standards. Our team of experts at ATI are dedicated to providing workers who perform their jobs with pride and precision.

We Provide

We cater to the needs of the commercial sector while subsequently servicing the demands of the military sector, offering a selection of highly trained labor technicians to meet all industry service requirements. Our crews have experience with all types of aircrafts and offer a diversified set of skills to support the most complex jobs needed.

  • A&P Mechanics.
  • Sheet Metal Mechanics.
  • Avionic Technicians.
  • Inspectors, QC.
  • Interior Mechanics
  • Composite Technicians.
  • Engineering.
  • Electricians.

As an added advantage to our clients, ATI offers the following comprehensive programs, essential components for effective administration:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance.
  • Liability Insurance.
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening.
  • Five-Year Background and Criminal Investigations.
  • Mechanical Aptitude Testing
  • Training Records.
  • Engineering.
  • Administration of All Taxes (including Social Security and Unemployment).

ATI complies with all F.A.A requirements and works under the constituency of a drug program. Besides offering our manpower, ATI also supplies various services on a flat-fee rate basis.
Additionally, ATI requires its workers to complete and an additional training step when signing up as a candidate during the hiring process, setting it apart from the other labors purveyors.
During this step, our company equips its workers with information on the latest industry developments, ensuring that our employees are ahead of the game.