Location : Dothan, AL
Job Description: Cargo Door Conversions on B-737-400.
Removal & Installation of structural parts as per Approved STC.
Seat tracks installation. Floor beam reinforcement.
Floor panels replacement. Gill liner & Fasteners installation.
Required to read sketches, drawing, and schematics associated with assigned task and have a good basic knowledge of where to find proper documentation such as SRM references.

Location : Dothan, AL
Job Description: Removal, installation, repair  and reconfiguration of passenger seats, carpets, lavatories, overhead/stowage bins, sidewall and ceiling panels, moon mat, return-air grilles, insulation, and interior lights and fittings.

Location : Dothan, AL
Job Description: Performing hangar maintenance and
heavy C checks on commercial aircrafts: MD-80; B-737; B-757; A-318/319. Perform preventive maintenance, repairs, part replacement and modifications for aircrafts. Troubleshoot problems, make repairs, and prepare areas for complete inspections.

Location : Dothan, AL
Job Description: Must be familiar with wiring schematics, wiring practices and wire bundles/ harness identification, test equipment and auxiliary power units. Must have proficient working knowledge of crimping procedures, wire lacing/typing procedures, wire-marking machines, continuity tests, heat-shrinkable tubing, and analysis charts. Must have A&P, and or FCC License. OJT‘s required.